Sunday, January 1, 2012

Third layer of color .....Will this ever end?

Here is the 4th and final layer... I was soooooo glad to complete this and I now have this method completely out of my system... It is wet on wet for me from now on.... no doubt about it!  I have been ask about the final painting so here it is.  3/10/13.... I actually complete it in January.

Lilly Pad 

This is the third layer of color.... all in all I am pleased with how it is going... but I am tired of this painting.... I do see a difference with each layer added but I still am pondering when will it end... I mean can you put too much color on a painting... and how do you know when enough is enough... if I add more and it is too much then is it ruined? I am happy to have learned a new method but I don't think this one is for me.... back to my basic " paint what I see" method.
oh... by the way... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!