Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Don't Do Me Any Favors

So here is what happened.... I have a credit card that I have used exclusively for years... I am a good customer. This is my personal card... for my personal purchases and payments... I open the bill.. I pay the bill ... this is MY card. This is also the only number I can recite by heart.... I know the number... I do not know my social security number or my drivers license number... or even my cell phone number... but this number I can rattle off at will. So what do they do? They change my number.... arhhhhh. It seems I am such an outstanding customer they have upgraded me and that means a new number. I now have LOT's of changes to make with account's that have my old number.... what a royal pain in the ass! I did not ask for, nor did I want an upgraded card... I was content and happy and in charge of my old number... so next time... don't do me any favors!!


  1. I know first hand that you DO NOT know your own social sucurity number. Brings back great memories!!

  2. I feel your pain! Same thing happened to me a couple of years ago, grrr. Who says change is good? LOL!