Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Water Lilly WIP 2nd layer of color

Remember that Bill Murray movie "Groundhog Day" where he wakes up and repeats the same thing time and time again... I am kinda starting to feel that way about this painting. All in all I am enjoying learning something new and all that but it is starting to feel repetitive and that I am not so crazy about.... but I will continue. Not sure how many layers there will be ... I guess when ever I feel like it is finished....

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  1. Hey Shirl,
    I've been into so many other things, that I haven't started it yet. Once you get the hang of Bill's method, you'll find some short cuts that suit you, or maybe you'll just stay with it.
    I know one guy that just does the Giselle for foundation of lights and dark. More of Under painting.
    After that, he just paints wet into wet, with just a little more paint from glazing. Let dry and touch up if he has to.
    I look at glazing as a never ending story. When do you I'm going to try this in the new year.
    You're doing an excellent job! Rock it! Hang in there! Cheering you on and following your blog!
    Huge Hugs Cyn.