Saturday, March 9, 2013

Kitchen complete... I can paint again!!

We did a major renovation of our kitchen... it has taken time and patience... but it was well worth the effort.

 I am posting after and before photo's mainly for my family and friends who have ask for it.
We were very fortunate to find a terrific contractor who is honest and skilled at his craft... besides that Sophie liked him!
Now that it is complete I can once again pick up my brushes!
New is sooooo nice!!!


  1. It looks modern and fresh. Love the view out the window,too.

    1. Thanks!! That view is of the San Francisco Bay and San Fran airport runways... I have a pilot friend and I wave at him from time to time!

  2. I know you must be so proud of it! It looks amazing. The appliances look so good. I could have sworn you already had a Stainless fridge, but your before pics prove my memory inaccurate. LOL. Good job, interior designer extraordinaire!